Sunday Service at 10:30am

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Featured Sermon

“Stare at the glory of God until you see it.” Ray Ortlund 1. Satan is attacking; his attacks are the means of his defeat, by God’s design, Jo... Read More

Featured Event

Make sure to join us in the courtyard on Sunday, May 28th, at 6pm for our Coffee Night Fundraiser hosted by Youth and College & Career. This will also be ou... Read More


When we gather we encourage each other to read the Bible with joy and delight. We do so because: 1. The Bible is the perfect, without error, very words of God to us that speak primarily of His glory and grace in sending His Son to live and die and rise from the dead in order to rule all creation. They instruct us to delight ...Read More

What’s the benediction at the close of our worship service for? It is a request for God to pour out His grace in response to our worship and renewed conviction to love and serve Him in all we do. It’s a blessing in...Read More

We make verbal announcements of ministry opportunities at TACC so that the believers at TACC can serve. We do not, and in fact, cannot announce every event because we do not have enough time and we are good at forgetting. That’s why when you send your husband to the store, if he has to remember more than 2 items, you give him a list. Th...Read More