Sunday Service at 10:30am

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The Fight

The Fight Header2Beginning Sunday, December 31, 2018, our church family will begin a year of The Fight: learning to pray as we read the New Testament. Our desire is that we will come, as we read and pray, “to delight in God’s presence, to rest in his love, to cherish his will,” D.A. Carson. Our Sunday morning, 9am, classes will follow the reading schedule as they pray together, one chapter of the New Testament every day, beginning with Matthew. The classes will also serve to answer questions about the reading. We have compiled some great resources available to all who would like to join us. They are located on the tables in the entry of the worship, in the church office, or at We are eager to see what God has in store for us in 2018 as we “pray until we pray.”

Submit prayer request to us! 

You can submit a prayer request online here or by filling out a prayer card while in church on Sunday. Also, look out for our upcoming prayer wall! We are remodeling our Worship Center to include a prayer wall for you to submit prayer requests.

Helpful Prayer Apps

There are many helpful prayer apps available right now for both iPhone, iPad, androids, and tablets. A couple that we recommend are Echo Prayer and Prayer Mate. Echo Prayer is a great tool to track your prayers and it allows you to share these requests with people you are in community with. In an upcoming update, this app will allow church prayer feeds which we will be using in 2018. Prayer Mate is another a great resource to help track your prayers and guide your prayer time. No matter what app you choose, this can be a great way to help you stay organized and focused in your prayer time.

Recommended Books:

Here are just a few books we recommend to help you better understand the signficance of prayer and to give you some practical tools to incorporate prayer into your daily life.

Timothy Keller's - Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God
E. M. Bounds' - Power through Prayer
Bryan Chapell's - Praying Backwards
Don Whitney's Praying the Bible

Prayer Events

Every other month we hold Prayer Weeks here at the church that all are welcome to attend. In 2018 we will aslo host 24 Hours of Prayer Saturdays, a sermon series on prayer, 40 days of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter, Prayer Retreats and more! Check out our calendar to see what events are coming up.

Prayer in Community

Whether you're in a Ministry, Life Group, Bible Study, or at home with your family, we want to encourage you to be praying regularly both on your own and in community. This coming year we have invited all of our groups to pray every time they meet. If you're looking for a great way to get connected at TACC and more opportunities to join us in prayer all of these are all great options for you.