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Daily Prayer Devotionals

Look below for this week's daily prayer devotionals written by leaders here at TACC. These devotionals are designed to help guide you as you read and pray through the scriptures. You can find our current reading schedule on our Shock & Awe page. You can also pick up printed copies at the back table of the worship center or in the church office. Scroll to the bottom of the page for downloads to of each month's devotional guides. 

June 18 - 24

Monday, 6/18, Luke 15: The key to this chapter is the first 2 verses and the gracious, loving, over the top forgiving Father. The religious hierarchy is upset because Jesus socializes with sinners, with those who are open in their rebellion against God. Jesus’ three parables should move us to be a friend of sinners. Pray that God would give you a heart of love and grace for those who do not know the Savior. Also that they will learn of His grace, as we are gracious to them.

Tuesday, 6/19, Luke 16: “You cannot serve God and mammon (money, things, the things money brings us)” Luke 16:13. Pray that God would show you the power of things and the necessity of trusting in Him only. Fasting is an excellent tool in overcoming those good gifts that God gives which can be easily mistaken for God.

Wednesday, 6/20, Luke 17: Pray for a heart of service that does not need to be thanked, coddled, or pampered. Pray for a heart that says, whatever you need, I’m here to serve, Luke 17:7-10. Slaves forgive – that’s just what they do. It’s expected and really doesn’t take great faith – just obedience. That’s just what we do. We are commanded to. Pray that you would have a good forgiver and good forgetter. Pray that God would help you understand and know that He has forgiven you far more, a million times more, than you will need to forgive anyone else. This is hard. This is work. This takes prayer. This results in massive joy.

Thursday, 6/21, Luke 18: Pray today. Pray in your spare moments. Pray about the same thing. Luke 18:1 – we ought to pray at all times and not lose heart. God is a good Father and we are His chosen sons and daughters. He loves to give to those who ask. Make a list of       requests and pray. Pray with friends, pray for others, but whatever you do today – pray.

Friday, 6/22, Luke 19: Luke 19:10 – the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost. The same sentiment is in chapter 15 – seek, look, find the lost. Don’t be satisfied with a few non-Christian friends. Seek them out where they are to be found. Pray for a heart of seeking. Pray that you will over-look any inconvenience and seek. Pray for passion. Pray that the realities of hell and the glories of Christ will inflame your heart so that you will seek and seek and seek to save the lost.

Saturday, 6/23, Luke 20: In the first 8 verses Jesus exposes the inner working of the priests and scribes and elders. They never really took a heartfelt look at Jesus and His message – they were only worried about their position and what others thought of them. Ask God to search your heart and to help you know your motives. Ask God to show Himself to you in the Word: deeply, searchingly, carefully and gloriously.

Sunday, 6/24, Luke 21: Jesus is clearly calling us to pray for strength to endure persecution. And when we ask, He gives. He loves to give grace to endure. We live in a radically strange time for believers. We enjoy freedom, material prosperity, incredible buildings, copies of the Bible, biblical scholarship at every turn, books, music, etc. This is not normal. Normal is open persecution. Therefore, we must pray for strength.


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