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Daily Prayer Devotionals

Look below for this week's daily prayer devotionals written by leaders here at TACC. These devotionals are designed to help guide you as you read and pray through the scriptures. You can find our current reading schedule on our Shock & Awe page. You can also pick up printed copies at the back table of the worship center or in the church office. Email if you would like a previous week's devotionals.

January 22 - 28

Monday, Matthew 22: Thank God for welcoming you into His kingdom, and pray that you may find and invite others who do not know him into his kingdom as well. Pray that those you invite may   accept His invitation before it is too late. Thank God for not being swayed by popular opinions. Pray that you may respect God and the authority He has placed you under. Pray that you would love God with your entire being.

 Tuesday, Matthew 23: Pray that you would have a clean heart before God. Pray that you would not care more about outward appearances and human standards than God’s standards. Pray that your heart would be humble, and you would not be blind to justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

 Wednesday, Matthew 24: Thank God for having a perfect plan for all time. Thank him for planning to live a perfect life, die for our sins, and then rise from the dead to conquer sin and death. Pray that God would allow you to stand firm in your faith and not be swayed. Pray for the leaders in the church that they would stand firm in their faith and not be swayed. 

Thursday, Matthew 25: Pray that you would always be ready for when Christ comes back. Pray that you would confess and repent from any undealt with sin. Pray that you would use the talents God has given you to lovingly tell others about Christ. Pray for your neighbors that they may know Christ before it is too late.

Friday, Matthew 26: Pray that your heart would feel the weight of Christ’s sacrifice for you. Thank God for having Christ perfectly complete the Father’s plan to take on the sin the of the world for us. Pray that God would give you a passion to reach others. 

Saturday, Matthew 27: Thank Jesus for his death on the cross. Thank him for flawlessly obeying the Father and for taking on the sin of the world. Confess and repent from any undealt with sin and ask God to forgive you.

Sunday, Matthew 28: Thank God for rising from the dead and conquering sin. Thank God for loving you and saving you from your sin. Ask God to heal your broken heart and ask him to give you a fire and a compassion for the lost. Pray that you would share the Gospel with others this year.