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You Are What - and How - You Read

Augustine's words "Take up and read!" are a great representation of my attitude toward this article. Take up and read! -Pastor Bob...

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40 Questions for Christians now Waving Rainbow Flags

This blog post could be titled "Articles I Wish I Wrote, by Pastor Bob." See below for some wonderful insight from Kevin DeYoung!...

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Stephen Curry and the Culture of Self-Trust

In an ever changing world which has lost its moral compass there are some shining stars. Humility in all the right places!...

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What the Media Isn't Telling You Regarding the Judicial Arguments Over Same-Sex Marriage

The issue of so-called same sex marriage is dominating the news. And it should! This might possibly be the most massive shift in the law in the history of our county. We need to be ready and able to defend God's design not only biblically but philosophically and rationally. This blog post by Michael Kruger will be helpful as you formulate your responses in a gentle and res...

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Passionately Pleading with God Is A Good Thing!

It is a liability, living where we do. Orange county - money, Disneyland, doctors, food (plenty of it), and more. That necessary sense of desperation that should accompany the Christian's prayer life is not common today. Occasionally we encounter deep troubles that bring us humbly to our knees: family issues, health, accidents. But, it seems that part of the ordinary...

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With all the troubles the world is in, what should the believer do? How do we respond? What about the government and a President with a different set of governing principles? What do we say, how do we pray?...

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Yeah, Well, But What About the Crusades?

The conversation about religious radicalism and the events in the Middle East have prompted some to make comments about the Crusades. Unfortunately, most do not understand or have even researched the events and what really happened. The following article by Keven DeYoung is a good place to start your own understanding and can be a useful tool in explaining the Christian f...

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We pray at meals. We pray for sick people. We pray for the country. A little bit. Here and there. Augustine is right. We'll never really pray until ... We'll let Tim Keller whet your appetite. Then go to the full article....

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Don't You Long For That Kind of Church?

There aren't that many truly helpful books on evangelism these days. Books that scratch us where we should be itching. However, Mack Stiles is one of those guys, one of those guys who really understands the dilemma the American church is in - we've skated for too long. ...

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An open letter to pastors (A non-mom speaks about Mother's Day)

As with all holidays, special occasions and celebrations we need to be reminded that these can be difficult for some. My grandfather died on Christmas Eve and it seems that every year I'm reminded on that loss. Of course, the celebration of Jesus' birth, and His sacrifice, is the answer for the pain and difficulties we all experience. God's grace is more than enough, not o...

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