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When We Gather Together: We Sing

Worship 1222 BLOG

We sing in our worship service because it is the biblical pattern for God's people: He saves, we sing. There are songs by Moses, Miriam, Deborah, Barak, David, and Hannah - He rescued them all. There are professional singers for the Temple worship - He saves his people, they sing. In the New Testament there are ...

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When We Gather Together: We Pray Using the Words of the Bible

Worship 1222 BLOG

We pray using the words of the Bible as our guide at Taft because it pleases God when our prayer priorities are His priorities. When the Word of God abides in us, our desires become His desires, and He gives us what we ask for. When we pray publicly we are...

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When We Gather Together: Listening to Preaching From the Bible

Worship 1222 BLOG

An essential part of our worship on Sundays is listening to preaching from the Bible. We do so because the Lord commanded elders in the church to proclaim, in an authoritative public manner, His Word, 2 Timothy 4:1-8; 1 Corinthians 1:18-31......

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When We Gather Together: Reading Scripture Publicly

Worship 1222 BLOG

We read Scripture publicly because of the instruction to do so in 1 Timothy 4:13, and the example in Nehemiah 8. Additionally, the people of God have traditionally listened to Scripture because copies of the Bible were expensive and not as prevalent as they are today. They listened for hours, were instructed on the meaning, and many had the entire Bible set to memory....

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Jesus, a Broken Car Window and a Girl from Oman by Stephen McAlpine

stockvault-interior189559 WEB

This is a well-written, thoughtful piece, that will hasten you to slow down, and pay attention to others during this season. ...

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Shock & Awe: The Year of the Bible - Feeding Your Bible Habit 15 Ways


We intend to… but then we fall into old habits and don’t follow through. Most of us believe that the life of the Christian should be characterized by a love for, commitment to, passion to read, study, meditate on the Bible. We start that Bible reading program on January 1 but then by the 5th, or the 17th we become sporadic readers and before we know it a week or two ha...

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Jonathan Leeman - The Election Is Over. Let’s Get Political.

American Flag Web

The election is over. Maybe. The voters cast their ballots and they will be living with the decision for a long time. Donald Trump's influence on us and the world will continue long after he is no longer President of the United States. Whether you voted for him or not, he is the President. So what do we do? The post by Jonathan Leeman hits the nail on the head. It's worth ...

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Tim Challies - Put Not Your Trust in Presidents


Few events have the power to polarize whole communities and countries. And the evangelical Christian community is no exception this time. Yes, I'm talking about this year's presidential election. I have heard strong, strong opinions, and more strong opinions on the options available to believers: vote this one or that one, don't vote for either, vote for a third party cand...

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The Illusive Un-Hasty Heart


I've been fascinated in the last several months with how many times the Bible encourages us to stop, listen, hear, and take heed to the Word of God, the Bible. We think that simply reading the Bible and agreeing with it is all that God requires, or that this kind of simple agreement is adequate. Not so!...

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What is Baptism?


A quick guide to understanding baptism. What it is, what it means, and why we do it....

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