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It’s the season for fasting and prayer at TACC. Many of us have never fasted and so this will be an exploration in a new biblical discipline. Jesus expected us to fast. He said that when he left us that we would fast. So why is it so rare? I place much of the weight of this omission on ...

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An Encouraged Life Group


An Encouraged Life Group Several years ago, our Life Group/Bible Study group happened upon a helpful and heartening new way to do “Bible Study.” We are not sure how it developed but we have all benefitted greatly from this new way of meeting. We meet once a week on Tuesday evenings. This type of meeting works for a wide range of personalities, from quiet and s...

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It’s Not a Simple Symbol

20984 Communion Blog

10 ways to fight for the gifts of grace that come from the divinely ordained fellowship of the saints around the Supper of Remembrance. ...

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I Ride A Road Bike

stockvault-kona-closeup100934 BLOG

I ride a road bike (sometimes), and a mountain bike (more often). I can usually carry a spirited, even religious, conversation with anyone about either discipline. You don't have to ask me to talk about it ...

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On Doing Devotions Well

1758 WEB

The heart and soul of our devotion to God, in our time of devotions, to use an old but good word, must be the Word of God. Of all the spiritual disciplines, the Word must be the center, and the center of the Word is Christ. This time of singular and focused devotion requires the help of the Spirit and so requires our sincere prayer to him for help. Humility in our inabilit...

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When we gather we encourage each other to read the Bible with joy and delight. We do so because: 1. The Bible is the perfect, without error, very words of God to us that speak primarily of His glory and grace in sending His Son to live and die and rise from the dead in order to rule all creation. They instruct us to delight ...

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When We Gather Together: We Have a Benediction

Worship 1222 BLOG

What’s the benediction at the close of our worship service for? It is a request for God to pour out His grace in response to our worship and renewed conviction to love and serve Him in all we do. It’s a blessing in...

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When We Gather Together: We Make Announcements

Worship 1222 BLOG

We make verbal announcements of ministry opportunities at TACC so that the believers at TACC can serve. We do not, and in fact, cannot announce every event because we do not have enough time and we are good at forgetting. That’s why when you send your husband to the store, if he has to remember more than 2 items, you give him a list. That’s also why ...

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When We Gather Together: We Pray

Worship 1222 BLOG

We pray in our corporate worship service because God answers prayer. Prayer is one of the first acts of a new believer, and the most natural of actions for all believers. Prayer is coming to the God of all grace who loves to hear and answer our requests. Additionally...

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When We Gather Together: We Give

Worship 1222 BLOG

Our giving is a part of our worship on Sunday mornings. Giving as worship is expanded upon in 2 Corinthians 8-9. The following is a summary of the teaching on giving by Paul. ...

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